Han Xiaobo

Han Xiaobo, han nationality, born in September 1970, Beijing native, joined the communist party in May 1995 and started to work in July 1991. He graduated from Party School of the Central Committee of CPC with on-the-job Master’s degree, majoring in the history of communist party of China. He is currently the Deputy District Mayor of the People’s Government of Pinggu District, Beijing.

Previously, he served as Deputy Chief of Shandongzhuang Town, Deputy Chief and Deputy Director of Jinhaihu Town (regional office), Chairman of Jinhaihu Town People’s Congress, and Executive Deputy Director of Jinhaihu Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party and Chief of Jinhaihu Town in Pinggu District, Beijing.

He is responsible for science and technology and industrial informationization, investment promotion, development zone, navigation, civil affairs, veterans’ affairs, commerce, government service management, petitions, logistics, development of the Jinhai Lake area; responsible for the preparation of the World Leisure Congress, the building of the Jingping logistics hub and reforms to optimize the business environment; providing assistance in emergency response.

Jiang Yiyi

Jiang Yiyi Professor and Doctoral Supervisor in School of Sport Leisure and Tourism, Beijing Sport University, young talent of national “Ten Thousand Talents Plan” (the second group) and tourism expert of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People’s Republic of China. She has presided over the project Study on the Spatial Scope and Standard of Ecological Compensation in Tourist Destination by the National Natural Science Fund, The Determinants of China’s Outbound Travel Flows: the Integration System, Trade and Traffic Experience Analysis, the key project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People’s Republic of China as well as other major projects launched by the National Social Science Fund and National Natural Science Fund. She also published many academic papers on the authoritative periodicals home and abroad, wrote 3 academic monographs including Study on Outbound Tourism Flow in China and Theory and Practice of Tourism Ecological Compensation etc.. She once won the second prize of provincial and ministerial level for scientific achievements and her papers were rated as the excellent national tourism paper and Tourism Tribune excellent paper. She also serves as senior expert of World Tourism Cities Federation, master supervisor of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, think tank expert of Sanya International Tourism, correspondence expert of National Social Science Fund and National Natural Science Fund of China.

Song Rui

Song Rui Director of the Tourism Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) and a Professor of the National Academy of Economic Strategy, CASS. Her research fields are sustainable tourism and leisure research. Dr. Song has been Editor-in-chief of the Tourism Green Book of China for 12 years, and Editor-in-chief of the Leisure Green Book of China for five years.She is also an advisor to the National Development Bank and the China National Tourism Administration.Dr. Song has led or been a key member in more than 20 research projects funded by the National Foundation of Social Sciences, CASS, EU-China, the China National Tourism Administration, the Asian Development Bank, WWF and other organizations. She was a Visiting Scholar at Gothenberg University (Sweden) and Penn State University, and has written numerous books and articles.

ZOU Tongqian

ZOU Tongqian, Ph.D, President Assistant of Beijing International Studies University, President of China Academy of Culture & Tourism, Dean of Graduate School (2013-2018) Dean of School of Tourism Management (2006-2013), Executive President of China Academy of Belt & Road (2015-2018). His Research Interests are Tourism Development and Planning; Heritage Protection; Culture Tourism; The Belt & Road Initiative. The main social positions he serves are Vice Chair of World Tourism Cities Federation Expert Committee Member of PATA Education and Training Committee Vice Director of National Education Steering Committee for Tourism Majors, Ministry of Education, PRC ,Member of National MTA Education Steering Committee, Degree Committee of State Council, Vice Chair of China Tourism Education Association, Evaluator of National AAAAA tourist attractions ,Vice Chair of China Society of Territorial Economists. The honors he once won include Expert with the special allowance of the State Council ,Leader of National Huang Danian-Style Pioneer Research Team, Beijing Great Wall Scholar , Beijing Outstanding College Teacher. He also serves as Chief investigator for projects of UNESCO, China National Foundation of Social Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Ministry of Education, etc.. His publications are listed as follows:


ZOU, Tongqian.(2019) Evolution of Tourism Thought(3rd Edition), Tianjin: Naikai University Press.

ZOU, Tongqian.(2017) The Development and Management of Tourist Attractions(4th Edition). Beijing: Tsinghua University Press.

ZOU, Tongqian.(2017) Report on Investment and Safety along the Belt & Road Countries. Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press.

ZOU, Tongqian.(2015) Strategic Management for Heritage Tourism Resources in China, Tourism Education Press.

Referred Journal Papers

A series of papers related to heritage tourism, rural tourism and tourism development have been published in International Journal of Tourism Research, Tourism Economics, Tourism Tribune, Resource Science, etc..

Lv Ning

Lv Ning Vice-dean of School of Tourism Sciences at Beijing International Studies University, Associate Professor, Doctor, Master Supervisor. Her research fields are tourism macro-economic research and industrial planning, leisure economics. Doctor Lv has published more than 30 papers in high-level periodicals such as Tourism Tribune, Resources Science, Urban Studies, Economic Research Journal, etc.. She also wrote and edited nearly 20 books, won the third prize for works on scientific research achievements by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China. Doctor Lv once presided over and participated in dozens of national, provincial and ministerial-level longitudinal projects, undertook and participated in more than 30 tourism planning and social and economic research projects, presided over, developed and wrote a number of national standards for leisure; organized and host a number of national tourism and leisure meetings, equipped with rich project experience and social resources.

Doctor Lv also serves as Deputy Secretary-General of the Leisure and Holiday Branch of China Tourism Association, member of the National Technical Committee on Leisure Standardization (Assistant Director), Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Institute of Cultural and Tourism Industry, member of the Outdoor Education Security Branch of China Occupational Safety and Health Association, researcher of China Academy of Belt and Road Initiative.

Zhang Yiwu

Zhang Yiwu Professor at the Department of Chinese language and Literature, Doctoral Supervisor. Member of the Culture and History Learning Committee of the 13th CPPCC, delegate of the 15th CPC of Beijing, Vice Director of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports. Specialize in Chinese Contemporary Literature Criticism, Popular Culture and Cultural Theory, and Chinese Contemporary Novel and Film. Author of The Image of A Brand-New China, Globalization and the Transition of China’s Film Industry, The Trace of Thoughts among others. Leading speaker at the 21st Chang’an Street Reading Club themed on the Confidence of Chinese Culture. The first Lecturer at the Celebrities’ Forum of Lijiang Ancient City. The first prize at the second Literary and Art Criticism Award held in Beijing, the third prize at the 3rd and 4th Literary and Art Criticism Award sponsored by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Literature in the Era of Consumption – Globalization in imagination has been awarded the title of “excellent paper in literature study in the new era” by Chinese Writers’ Website of People’s Literature Magazine.

Wang Qiyan

Wang Qiyan PhD in Economics, a professor and doctoral advisor at Renmin University of China, has long been committed to research in the leisure industry and other related fields. He holds many positions: the director of Leisure Economy Research Centre of Renmin University of China; President of China Asia Leisure Industry Promotion Association; Chairman of International Leisure Industry Association; one of the committee members on reform and development of China National Tourism Administration; a consultant of the people’s Government of Beijing City; committee vice-chairman of Decision-Making Advisory Committee of Hebei provincial Party committee and provincial government. He is also one of the keynote speakers of the Lecture Room of China Central Television, a Chinese television programme hosted by CCTV and an editor of JESN.

Cai Hong

Cai Hong Director of Tourism Management, Master Supervisor, expert on “Rural Tourism” of Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau, Procurement Evaluation expert of Beijing Municipal Government. Her research fields include tourism marketing, tourism consumer behaviors, hotel management, high-end tourism market, cultural and creative tourism, rural tourism, luxury market research etc.. Professor Cai has published dozens of academic papers on authoritative periodicals, written several books on tourism research and presided over or participated in many key projects, such as 5 projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level, 3 bureau-level projects, 2 university-level key projects as well as 3 horizontal projects. She has ever won many prizes for excellent teaching achievements.

Wu Liyun

Wu Liyun Associate Professor of Chinese Academy of Culture and Tourism, Director of New Tourism Industry Research Center at Beijing International Studies University, Director of IFITT Asian Relations, part-time master supervisor of Beijing Technology and Business University, visiting professor of Taishan University,  member of the National Technical Committee on the Standardization of Tourism, member of the National Advisory Committee of Experts on Modern Agricultural Manor, reviewer of Sports Industry Base and sports tourism quality programs of State General Administration of Sports, special commentator of China Tourism News, special experts of China News Agency. Her research fields mainly include tourism group, tourism investment, new tourism industry, etc.. She once presided over or participated in more than 20 projects launched by National Natural Science Fund, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People’s Republic of China, Beijing Municipal Social Science Fund, the  Ministry of Science and Technology and more than 20 sub-national horizontal projects. She served as the chief editor of Development Report of CTS in consecutive 5 years and China Air Tourism Enterprise Development Report 2017, participated in more than 10 industry reports such as Report on the Development of Tourism Accommodation industry in China, Report on the Development of Tourist Scenic Spots in China, Report on the Development of China’s Travel Service Industry etc.. She has published more than 50 papers in Human Geography, Social Scientists ,China Tourism News and so on. She participated in the development of documents such as the State Council’s Opinions on Further Promoting the Investment and Consumption of Tourism, the Action Plan for Tourism + the Internet of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the like. She has been interviewed over 200 times by media including China Tourism News, China International Radio, Beijing Review, China National Radio, Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station, Beijing Commercial News, Guangdong TV and China’s Urban and Rural Financial Times.

Liu Jiaming

Liu Jiaming Doctor of Peking University, post-doctor of Nankai University, doctoral supervisor, researcher of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has served as member of American Society of Landscape Architects, rural tourism development expert of the Ministry of Agriculture, reviewer of 5A scenic area of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People’s Republic of China, senior adviser of tourism economic development of Beijing, Shanxi, editorial committee of Landscape Architect. He mainly works on the research and planning practice in tourism, urban tourism, eco-tourism, tourism development management and tourism planning and design, and has published more than 60 academic papers on tourism. He once presides over more than 50 projects of national, provincial and ministerial-level, or launched by National Natural Science Fund as well as tourism planning programs.

Wang Xiaoyun

Wang Xiaoyun, Associate Professor of Recreation, Sport and Tourism School of Beijing Sport University. Her research fields are community sports management and recreational sports participation. Wang has presided over and participated in 10 provincial and ministerial-level longitudinal projects and participated in the compilation of 6 textbooks. The book Community Sports she has participated in compiling won the second prize for Teaching Achievement of General Administration of Sport of China. Wang has been a visiting Scholar of University of Arkansas (US). She is one member of Young Talents of Beijing Institutions of Higher Education, member of Youth Committee of Sports and Health Sciences, member of Leisure Sports group of Sports Committee of Chinese Higher Education Association. Wang also serves as the Secretary-General of the Community Sports Instructors Association of Haidian District (Beijing).

Zhang Yujun

Zhang Yujun PhD of Tottori University, Japan

Professor, doctoral supervisor and adjunct director of National Park Research Center of Beijing Forestry University, Vice chairperson of Ecotourism,Specialized Committee of Ecological Society of China Executive council , member of Forest Park and Forest Tourism Chapter of Chinese Society of Forestry, Member of National Park and Protected Area Standard Committee of National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Editorial board member of Tourism Tribune and Journal of Beijing Forestry University (Social Sciences)

Main research domains: Protected area management and Ecotourism planning

Li Xinjian

Li Xinjian PhD, Professor of School of Tourism Sciences at Beijing International Studies University(BISU). His research fields include the economic development strategy of tourism industry, outbound tourism market research, transnational business and management of tourism enterprises, etc.. He was rated as one the first group of famous national tourism education teachers. Professor Li also serves as member of the 13th five-year Plan Expert Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’ s Republic of China, senior expert of World Tourism Cities Federation, member of the National Technical Committee on Leisure Standardization, member of Expert Committee of many groups including CTS, Zhejiang Tourism Group, etc., senior visiting Scholar of Oklahoma State University, US. He presided over more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial-level projects and won more than 10 provincial and ministerial-level prizes. He published many SSCI and dozens of CSSCI papers on the leading periodicals Tourism Tribune, Management World, Tourism Management, etc..Two of his Results Report have been ratified by provincial and ministerial-level leaders.

Li Ying

Li Ying Lecturer of Chinese Academy of Culture and Tourism, Beijing International Studies Universities. Her research fields mainly include smart tourism, the application of remote sensing technology in leisure tourism research, data mining of leisure tourism, interactions between ecological environment and leisure tourism activities, especially the interactions between atmospheric environment and leisure behaviors. She has published more than 20 academic papers ( in international journals, international conferences, CSSCI ), and her research results have been invited as the oral report by IGARSS and rated as the best paper by European Space Agency respectively. She also participated in many key projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Fund of China, knowledge and innovation engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.. She is member of IEEE, and invited as peer review experts in leading international journal.

Wang Xin

Wang Xin Doctor, Professor, Master Supervisor, MTA(MBA)Tutor, tourism expert of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. His research field is cultural tourism and tourism planning.He once presided over the projects A study on the Development Model and Measures of Cultural and Creative Tourism Industry in China sponsored by National Philosophy and Social Science Fund, The Research on the Development Model and Strategy of the Integration of Beijing Culture and Tourism sponsored by Beijing Municipal Philosophy and Social Science Fund and A Study on the Regional Differences of the Influence of High-speed Railway on the Tourist Flows, a Human and Social Sciences Research project launched by the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China. He has published more than 50 papers and several monographs, served as the chief editor of many textbooks. He also presided over more than 60 tourism planning programs. He is also tourism development expert of Yichang, Jiangsu and Huailai, Hebei, Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the Xin Ao Health and Care Tourism Research Center, Secretary-General of the secretariat of the Committee of Experts of the World Leisure Conference, Pinggu 2020, Beijing.

Gao Huina

Gao Huina Postdoctoral researcher in Applied Economics, Peking University, Doctor in Economic Geography, Peking University, Director of the Tourism Management Department of the School of Tourism Sciences at Beijing International Studies University, lecturer, expert of Beijing Tourism Development Research Base, Director of Tourism Real Estate Research Center, researcher of Urban Development and Land Policy Research Center of Peking University-Lincoln Research Institute, winner of the Xiangyu Teaching Award of BISU. She has wrote and edited many books, such as Beijing Green Paper on Tourism,The Great Housing Divides: Implications for China, Looking out at the Critical Point of the Times-A Review of China’s Economic Hotspots by Peking University scholars. She has published more than 10 academic paper in the leading periodicals at home and abroad, including Land Use Policy, Sustainability,Urban Problems, Urban Studies, etc.. She has also participated in and took charge of more than 10 nation-level, provincial and ministerial-level programs as well as more than 20 projects of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Finance, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the US Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, China Center for International Economic Exchanges, Guangzhou Huangpu District Government, Guangzhou Tianhe District Government, etc..