Located in southeast China, northern Zhejiang Province, and center of Shaoxing City, Keqiao District is a historical ancient community, and known as Oriental Venice.

Keqiao District is a community of abundant economic potentiality, beautiful landscape and harmonious urban life. With a high urban greening rate of 52.16% (40.12% as the average urban greening rate in China), Keqiao District is always attaching great importance to the development of leisure, and nowadays leisure has been part of sustainable development of society, culture, economy and environment. Featured in multi-type, high-grade, and large-scale sports and leisure clusters in China, Keqiao District has formed a strong leisure atmosphere combining tourism, culture, entertainment and education, which is a perfect match to the philosophy of World Leisure.

Project description

  • Pluralistic population composition & abundant economic potentiality
  • Diversified sports programs & well-equipped facilities
  • Full governmental support & close cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Smooth communication of information & high satisfaction degree of residents
  • Leisure development has a profound influence on Keqiao District
  • Everyone has the right to equal and quality leisure experiences
  • Plenty of policies and measures for the promotion
    of leisure development

Honor and Award

  • World Leisure International Innovation Prize
  • Most Famous Tourist City of Asia, Greater China
  • National Top Ten City of Leisure Tourism
  • Best Cultural Tourism City in China
  • National Excellent Ecotourism City
  • First Batch of State-List Famous Historical
  • Cultural Cities, Zhejiang Provincial Leisure Sports Base

Further information