YPLN is looking for enthusiastic young musicians willing to embark on a project which would take them to play together in different places around the world. This initiative is called YOUPECO’2017 and it aims at spreading a message of peace and understanding through the music played by a group of young musicians from different origins and backgrounds.

YOUPECO’2017 will first travel to Hangzhou (China), where the concert will be held in the framework of the Third World Leisure Expo (20 October-12 November 2017). A youth organization in Bangalore (India) has also extended an invitation for the young musicians to go and play.

This concert is one of the multiple initiatives that YPLN develops to promote intercultural and intergenerational exchange while advancing leisure worldwide. YPLN has its origin in the WLO Future Leaders programme.

For more information on this initiative of the YPLN, please contact the adult coordinator of the network, Dr. Miklos Banhidi, at miklosbanhidi@gmail.com