The WLO Special Interest Group on “Leisure and Innovation” aims at looking into the diverse fields of innovation in leisure contexts, practices and theories. In a world where change is constant, new challenges and practices arise, also in leisure. Innovation in different areas have consequences in leisure as well as leisure becomes a field of experimentation, innovation and constant search for entertainment, sport, recreation, learning, social life or quality of life. Connected to changes in business or individual practices, increasingly more issues related to leisure and lifestyle seem to be permeated with innovative approaches.

There are five main dimensions that are the priority of the group, although others are welcome:

  • Leisure theories
  • Leisure practices
  • Leisure businesses
  • Policy making
  • Research and Methodologies
  • Education

The WLO Special Interest Group on Leisure and Innovation will therefore work towards developing this area of interest with the collaboration of its members in reflections, projects and publications. The World Leisure Congress (bi-annual event) is the main reference to the group meetings. Other meeting points can be suggested along the way.

As in the field at hand – innovation – the SIG’s path is open to where its members will take it by nurturing synergies within the group and innovative developments in leisure.

Within this context, the SIG Leisure and Innovation aims at contributing to a better understanding of topics related, but not limited, to the following:

  1. Innovative leisure practices
  2. Technology and leisure
  3. Digital leisure
  4. Creative leisure
  5. Leisure and social innovation
  6. Crowdsourcing and leisure
  7. Leisure and the creative industries
  8. Innovation and creativity in leisure events
  9. Innovation and change in the leisure industry
  10. Innovation, lifestyle and leisure
  11. New methodological developments in leisure studies
  12. Innovative educational leisure policies and practices
  13. Innovation and leisure policies
  14. Future trends and challenges in leisure

Please be welcome and share this invitation in your networks as this group is open to academics, professionals and students with a particular interest in Leisure and Innovation. For any additional information, please contact the WLO secretariat or the group facilitator, Dr Lénia Marques,