WL Centers of Excellence (WLCE) network are currently working on the next WL Field School, which will take place on the occasion of the next WL Congress 2018 in São Paulo, connected to the theme of the Congress: “Leisure Beyond Constraints”. Students from the 3 WLCE and Brazilian students will participate in the Field School and work together on leisure case studies.

In preparation of this new edition of the WL Field School, we wanted to share with you the experience of some participants in Field Schools in Mobile (Alabama, US, 2014) and Durban (South Africa, 2016).

Rosangela Martins de Araujo Rodrigues

University of São Paulo (Brazil)

C_Rosangela Martins2-60“Initially, I thought the Field School was about sharing knowledge and experience with the local community, but I soon realized how much one can be taught from a different culture and from learners from different nationalities, on a reciprocal learning process. As a challenge of this experience, I would highlight proposing leisure solutions in a context that was very different from mine. That way, the Durban Field School brought an important upgrade to my professional and scientific path. The next edition will take place in one of the largest megacities in the world,  which has inhabitants who are native of more than 200 countries. It is marked by its architectural and gastronomic diversity, and for concentrating the largest Brazilian cultural pole, as well as the largest hotel complex in Latin America and the main office to renowned academic centers. The students will find this scenario of cultural plurality in 2018, because São Paulo is all well and good!”.

Gift Muresherwa

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Cape Town, South Africa)

C_Gift Muresherwa-FD Testimony-60“The Field School provided me with an exceptional opportunity that allowed me to work together with student delegates from various universities around the world in international and multi-disciplinary groups on a project related to the city of Durban. Through the discussions we had, in trying to accomplish the assigned tasks, knowledge was exchanged which enabled building on each other’s expertise. From this I learnt that if people work together, aiming to achieve set goals, the result is always fulfilling. The main highlight for this Field School to me was the contact we had with the community members particularly our host, the residents and sangoma (traditional healer). It was an amazing experience experiencing the rich tourist products of the Inanda area while trying to find best ways to market these products to benefit local businesses and community. I highly recommend academics regardless of level of study to participate in the Field School since there is much to learn and makes one to meet wonderful people from different parts of the world”.

Karabelo Khophoche

Central University of Technology (Free State Bloemfontein, South Africa)

C_Karabelo Khophoche-FS testimony-60“Firstly I would like to thank all the organisers and programme managers that made the Field School possible. It was an exceptional programme that I got to engage in and I am glad I got to be part of it as day by day I got to learn and discover many insightful information that I still use in my field till this day. Getting to be around different individuals from different cultures and speak diverse languages for me was the highlight of the entire Field School programme, as it allowed us to have many perspectives and dimensions when we had to work together. This is a great programme and I would love to do again, but also would definitely recommend it to every student to participate in it. It is one of the best experiences one can be part of at any given time”.

Lizzy Klijs

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)

C_Lizzy Klijs-60“During the Field School in both Alabama and Durban I got the opportunity to communicate with a wide variety of students from different disciplines and backgrounds, where leisure was the connecting topic. I noticed similarities but also differences in the perception of leisure in different contexts and countries. So I have learned that in some countries leisure is mainly perceived as sports, yet in other countries the word has a broader definition (also including events and attractions). This was one of the very important learnings I took with me, especially working with people globally. In my opinion the main highlight of the Field School has been that leisure students from different countries were united to discuss the phenomenon leisure. For all students over the world it is a great opportunity to join the Field School and the World Leisure Congress. The Field School gives you the opportunity to work on the practical side, yet the Congress gives you insights into the more theoretical and academic side of leisure. A perfect combination in my opinion. Participating in the Field School and presenting at the World Leisure Congress twice opened a lot of doors for me, and made me grow as a professional in the field of leisure”.