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As a national demonstration zone for ecological civilization, Pinggu’s strategy truly reflects the philosophy of sustainable development. Moreso, in terms of living conditions, Pinggu focuses on creating ecological urban and rural areas by increasing the green cover and improving the quality of water resources, which could provide residents even with an outstanding eco-friendly living environment.

Urban area in Pinggu. Source:

Another example is the “China Agricultural Science and Technology Valley” project, through which Pinggu is vigorously developing a scientific and technological innovation agriculture, combining intelligent equipment with high technologies. These can thoroughly solve the pollution problem and reduce carbon emissions, making an important contribution to a coordinated development for the future.

High-tech agricultural facility in Pinggu. Source:

Furthermore, at tourism level, Pinggu relies on the rich natural resources and human heritage to upgrade a number of tourist attractions, such as Jinhai Lake Scenic Area, Qinglong Mountain Scenic Spot (Yuyang International Ski Resort), Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge, Jingdong Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Yaji Mountain Scenic Area, etc., which have attracted tens of thousands of visitors. Those beautiful resorts enrich people’s leisure time and have an influence on their attitude towards life. After all, leisure makes life better!

The Pinggu 2021 World Leisure Congress is an invitation letter to the world showing the ecological model of China. If you want to know what a real eco-friendly area looks like, join us in Pinggu and find it out!