We welcome as a new WLO member Giyasettin Demirhan teacher at the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Physical Education and Sport, at Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey). Scroll down to learn more about him, his professional background and collaboration interests!

In one sentence: What does leisure mean to you? 

The time when I am not working or doing other compulsory duties. I can relax and do things that I enjoy, that is, hobbies.

What leisure projects, research and/or activities are you involved in?

I organize International Olympic Climbing. Paper presentations about Olympism, hiking and trekking activities are included in this activity. For a long time I guide the people who want to have nature experiences. Also, I have done some research about risk perception in outdoor-adventure activities. I have organized and participated in many conferences and scientific meetings about outdoor-adventure sports and leisure activities in nature. I am member of many leisure sports clubs and associations.

How do you promote the development of leisure and leisure studies? 

For a long time I have promoted camping, mountaineering, skiing and climbing. More than 800 students have participated in these educational activities at the university and out of the university. Also, I created and designed many curricula to promote participants’ knowledge, skills and attitudes. I often do conferences for sports and leisure clubs, sports federations and associations.

Why did you decide to become a member of WLO? 

I follow WLO’s activities and I have some friends who are very active within the organization. Therefore, I want to share my knowledge, skills and attitudes with the people in the world.

What kind of synergies would you like to develop through your WLO membership? 

Due to my long educational and professional experience, I think I could contribute to leisure development, and outdoor leisure more especially. I would like to share my knowledge with WLO’s members. Members might be interested in participating in some of the projects I am involved in. Also, I might organize some international activites like conferences, travelling, etc.