The University of Sao Paulo has launched the programme Giro Cultural USP, aimed at facilitating access for everyone, within and beyond the university community, to the USP’s cultural and leisure offer. Departments and museums in Cidade Universitaria, the main campus of the University of Sao Paulo and the biggest in Latin America, can be visited in four different tours: scientific heritage, cultural heritage, panoramic view – around university’s facilities and environment, and the tour “USP and modernist Sao Paulo”, which takes places outside campus, in the city centre.

Promoted by the Pro-rectory for Culture and University Extension and coordinated by Professor Ricardo Ricci Uvinha, the tours of Giro Cultural USP are guided by a dynamic team of mediators, who are themselves students at USP, and include activities such as attendance to the rehearsals of the Symphonic Orchestra of the University of Sao Paulo.

Giro Cultural USP has had a good response from the community and points a way to go for bridging the gaps between the life in and out university walls.

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Photo credit: School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities at USP, Campus USP, by Interdisciplinary Group of Leisure Studies.