Prof. Dr. Tony Veal and Prof. Dr. Robert Stebbins, both members of the WL Academy and prominent scholars in the field of leisure, have recently engaged on a debate on the Serious Leisure Perspective (SLP), a theoretical framework originated by Stebbins

Details are as follows:

  • Veal, A.J. (2016). “The serious leisure perspective and the experience of leisure”. Leisure Sciences, 39(3), 205-223.
  • Stebbins, R.A. (2016). “The serious leisure perspective or the leisure experience perspective? A rejoinder to Veal”. At:
  • Veal, A.J. (2017) “The leisure experience and the serious leisure perspective: A response to Robert Stebbins”. At:
  • A synthesis of the SPS, dealing with, among many other matters, many of the points tackled in this debate, is being prepared at the moment by Stebbins.

Stay tuned not to miss the next updates on this crucial debate for the Leisure Studies field!

Photo credit: Prof. Dr. Tony Veal on the left and Prof. Dr. Robert A. Stebbins on the right.