Building on the relations developed within the WLO Future Leaders programme, the Young People’s Leisure Network (YPLN) was created by participant universities and students to involve youth coordinators and adult supervisors in the organisation of a wide range of activities to promote international exchange in the leisure field.

Among the activities organised by the YPLN for this summer, the network invites youngsters to take part in a 4-day meeting in Roccacasale (Italy, 24-28 August), organised by the Open Space Association and bringing together 100 young people to discuss on youth issues. The YLPN’s Family Holiday Exchange Program (FHEP), on its part, is offering free accommodation opportunities for travellers wishing to build up personal relations with foreign families. Young people are also invited to participate as volunteers in the reconstruction of Romanian Marosvécs Castle (Transylvania, 13-20 August 2017), which will be made under YLPN’s Cultural Heritage Guard Program (CHGP); volunteers will be offered free accommodation and meals.

The YPLN is organised around the following project lines: Leisure Education and Research Exchange Program (LREP); Family Holiday Exchange Program (FHEP); Cultural Heritage Guard Program (CHGP); Young People’s Camps (YOUPECA); BAMAFO Innovation and Charity Program (BICP), and some other specific activities such as the young musicians concert (YOUPECO) which will be celebrated at the World Leisure Expo in Hangzhou.

The YPLN works in closely cooperation with WLO, is coordinated by an international board, and its physical office is located at Széchenyi University (Győr, Hungary). Furthermore, the YPLN invites volunteers to take part in the network’s coordination at the regional and local levels. It receives support from the WLO, International youth funds such as the European Youth Exchange Program (Erasmus 1), local organizations and communities, and participants in the activities offered by the network.

The WLO Future Leaders Program, germ of the YPLN, provides college and university students to connect on a local-to-global basis while gaining a broader perspective of trends, issues, strategies and advancing leisure worldwide.

For more information on the YPLN and its activities, check their site or contact Dr. Miklos Banhidi, adult coordinator, at, or Emma Xiaffei Nie, international youth coordinator, at