Dr. Douglas Kleiber

WLO Research and Knowledge Transference Committee Chair,

Georgia University   – (USA). 12th, June.

About all that had changed was to see more people running, and cycling than I remember as well as more on cell phones (as seems to be the case everywhere). But once again I was impressed with how many healthy looking people, locals as well as tourists, who walked the streets all around the city (but especially along the Nervion River where the famous Guggenheim Museum stands out as a European highlight) almost every evening for exercise, socializing and the prospect of finding good pinxtos (like tapas) for which Bilbao and the Basque region, but especially the old town of Casco Viejo, are known. Of course, though, a highlight of my trip was having some time to visit the excellent “Secretariat” of the World Leisure Organization, located on the very edge of that lovey old town.