The Leisure Management Special Interest Group (LM SIG) delivered its first webinar session titled, Designing Experiences: Conversation with RJ Rossman, on 30 November / 1 December 2021. The webinar was based on the book, Designing Experiences (2019) by RJ Rossman and Mathew Duerdan. The conversation with Bob Rossman successfully covered the principles of Designing Experiences, explained how the principles could be applied in leisure service management and scholarship. The brief presentation was followed by 20 minutes of comments and question / answers. A video of the 45-minute session is available on YouTube at :

The webinar had 35 participants who indicated it was very successful:

  • Nicole Peel – “Thanks for organising the session today it was interesting to understand more about this.”
  • John Henderson – “This is a great topic, I have just ordered the book. Thanks so much!”
  • Henrique Pereira Rocha – “The book’s theme brings a perception of the application of leisure concepts in the structuring and planning of activities and provokes interest in knowing the complete work.”
  • Clayton Hawkins – “It has been fabulous to have people across half a dozen continents together. Thank you Robert, and thank you to WLO, Jo An, and John.”
  • Patricia Carmo dos Santos – Congrats WLO and LM SIG!!! Bob Rossman brought us light!”
  • Britt Witt – “This was a great webinar.”
  • Rachel Hyde – “This was great!! very informative, Thank you!!”

The LM SIG will deliver more seminars in 2022. Please check the LM SIG website for more information about its activities –