Designing Experiences – A Conversation with JR (Bob) Rossman

Rossman and Duerdan’s (2019) book, Designing Experiences, received a Silver Medal in the 2021 Axiom Business Book Awards Business Intelligence/Innovation categoryIt is special for a leisure-based understanding of experience delivery to receive recognition from business publishers. A lot of the material is a direct descendent of leisure studies programming material.You can join a conversation with Bob Rossman to learn how Designing Experiences can be used to guide leisure management service and scholarship. Bob will explain the principles of Designing Experiences and explore how these principles can be used to improve the delivery of leisure experiences and guide leisure research.

Who should attend?
The webinar is designed to be of interest to leisure managers and programmers, scholars and students.

Dates/ Times:
Western hemisphere:
30 November 2021
5PM New York Time (EDT)
11PM Bilbao Time (CET)
Eastern hemisphere:
1 December 2021
9AM Melbourne Time (AEDT)
The sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend will be able to view the recording of the webinar.


The webinar will be 30 minutes. Initially there will be a conversation with Bob Rossman for 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes of comments, questions and answers.

This is the inaugural Leisure Management Webinar from World Leisure Organisation’s (WLO) Leisure Management Special Interest Group (LM SIG). More information about the LM SIG is available from