Dr. Miklos Banhidi (Széchenyi István University), WLO Board of Directors member, did a teaching and research stay at Zhejiang University, from the 10 to the 29 July, invited by another WLO Board member, Dr. Jane Zhou.

Among many other activities, Dr. Banhidi offered a summer course of thee weeks at the end of which students were able to: give a detailed description on a professional sports manager’s position, write a CV to apply to a professional sports club, and successfully complete a test with several questions. Parallel to this teaching activity, Dr. Banhidi had the opportunity to join Dr. Zhou’s research team and assist her in her work as an advisor for cities in the province to develop their leisure and tourism. More specifically, he accompanied her in a visit to Quingyuan County to analyze the local conditions and plans by the communities.

Miklos Banhidi valued the experience as highly satisfactory: “I would like to thank Jane organizing this visit very professionally. During my stay we worked together and developed some very good ideas for future cooperation, such as helping communities in leisure and tourism development, doing common research and publishing joint articles”.

The international cooperation between China and Hungary had begun already in 2016 by the two WLO Board members, Dr. Jane Zhou and Dr. Miklos Banhidi. In November 2016 a delegation from Hangzhou visited Széchenyi István University to discuss on the development of exchange programs among the two universities. A Memorandum of Understanding was then signed, and a few months later a group of Chinese table tennis players, students from Dr. Zhou’s graduate class, were invited to be a part of Márk Bánhidi International Memorial table tennis competition in Pápa (Hungary).