Dr. Antonio Bramante participated in the VIII Leisure Studies Seminar as keynote speaker during its opening ceremony. The event was held from the 14th to the 17th November in Maringá, a well-planned city only 70 years old in the Southern part of Brazil (Paraná State) under the sponsorship of the State University of Maringá. The theme for this seminar was “Leisure and Aging Process in the Digital Era” as an introduction for the 30th National Recreation and Leisure Congress which will take place in Curitiba (State of Paraná capital) on the 15th-17th November 2019.

Dr. Bramante was invited to talk about “The International Perspective of Leisure”. During his presentation, besides exploring the internationalization process of leisure studies in Brazil, he also explored how this social phenomenon took place in different countries, based on official organizations and journals, such as Colombia, the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India and China.

Finally, he presented the World Leisure Organization as the major institution worldwide to develop this field of studies, its strategic lines, Special Interest Groups, Centers of Excellence, its journal, next congresses, with special attention to the benefits of being associated with the WLO.