The 30th Brazilian National Recreation and Leisure Meeting was held in Curitiba from the 14th to the 16th November. Attended by more than 200 participants, the event counted with official WLO endorsement. Dr. Antonio Bramante, member of the WL Board of Directors, represented the WLO in this important event.

The main theme of the 30th Brazilian National Recreation and Leisure Meeting (Curitiba, 14t-16th November) was “Leisure and Aging in an Era of Technology”. ENAREL had the attendance of, approximately, 200 participants and substantial part of event was simultaneously broadcasted online through Facebook.

The program included nine workshops, three institutional meetings (Brazilian Association of Leisure Studies on Graduate Programs and Research, Recreation Brazilian Association and Sport Science Brazilian Collegiate); opening and closing key-note speeches; two round-table debates; two major conferences; presentation of 70 research papers and 50 posters and two sessions of five thematic groups. There were also cultural performances and new books presentation.

We thank Dr. Antonio Bramante, member of the WL Board of Directors, for representing the WLO at this event. Dr. Bramante was a guest of the Organizing Committee to be part of the opening ceremony as WLO representative. He also presented a workshop on “Development of Strategic Tools for the Management of Leisure Experiences”, and was the general coordinator of the five thematic Groups, exploring the overall theme of event at different locus: public sector, private sector, NGOs, Social/Recreation Clubs and the University. After two meetings, this group was responsible of writing “Charter of Curitiba – ENAREL 2019”. Finally, Dr. Bramante, delivered a closing keynote speech exploring the theme “Leisure, Market and Society”.