From September 28th to 30th, WLO Communication & Events Coordinator Dr. Mireia Iglesias attended PCMA Convening EMEAin Vienna, Austria, one of the biggest events’ industry conventions bringing attendees from over 40 countries with different background and specialties. The conference brought events’ practitioners together to solve the new challenges faced by the industry and also to deliver new value and solutions to the global changes.

Additionally, the 11th edition of the IMEX America in Las Vegas took place from October 11th to 13th at the Mandalay Bay. Dr. Mireia Iglesias also attended this event which gathered over 10,000 events’ industry professionals and where exhibiting companies representing more than 180 countries promoted their services at nearly 400 booths.

The WLO presence and representation at these events offers valuable and rewarding opportunities to learn from the best experiences and professionals, to engage and collaborate with potential partners and members of the organization, as well as to introduce our international events such as the WL Expo, WL Congress, WL Festival and WL Games, among other programs.