You know what they say: once a member of WLO family, always a family member! Arianne Reis from Western Sidney University was a WLO member in the past and rejoins us now to meet new colleagues and engage in discussions on leisure policies and practices. Read more about her work and motivations below.

In one sentence: What does leisure mean to you? 

Leisure to me means time and space to fully develop as a human being.

What leisure projects, research and/or activities are you involved in? 

For the better part of my life I have been either working with or researching about leisure. At the moment, my main leisure-related project involves refugee women in Australia and how creating space for leisure activities can improve their English language skills and significantly impact, positively, on their mental health.

How do you promote the development of leisure and leisure studies? 

I am currently the Director of Academic Program for a Master in Public Health in a large Australian university and we’re continuously contributing to the inclusion of leisure studies in our units and programs as a significant part of the social determinants of health. I publish frequently in leisure studies journals and on leisure studies topics in academic and non-academic literature. I also teach at the undergraduate level an introduction to leisure and recreation theory course, that is a core unit for Therapeutic Recreation students as well as an elective unit across the university. I engage with industry partners to develop projects that involve leisure participation as part of efforts to the improve health and wellbeing of the population, particularly disadvantaged groups.

Why did you decide to become a member of WLO? 

I have been a member of WLO in the past and stopped my engagement for no particular reason, to be honest. I decided it was time to come back.

What kind of synergies would you like to develop through your WLO membership? 

I would like to continue to meet other leisure scholars and practitioners through events and activities facilitated by WLO to learn and share knowledge and experiences from across the globe. I also look forward to having opportunities to contribute to the discussions around policy and practice that WLO so often engages in.