On the 5th March 2019, the 4th World Leisure Expo Consultation Meeting was held on the premises of Hangzhou Municipal Government. Representatives of organizers and key stakeholders attended this meeting, including Hangzhou Municipal Government, Hangzhou Business Travel Group and West Lake Expo Company, and Prof. Ling Ping, member of the WLO Board of Directors.

As part of the 4th WL Expo, the WL Forum will be held on the 18th-19th October. Starting on the 19th and for approximately five days, the Citizens Carnival offers a wide range of cultural and festive expressions to expand the program of the WL Expo and provide visitors with the opportunity of getting to know local and international culture. Finally, as the core event of the WL Expo, the major leisure exhibition in the world will be divided into five exhibition halls: urban leisure hall, fashion leisure hall, sports leisure hall, living leisure hall, and digital leisure hall.

Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and celebrated before the Asian Games in Hangzhou, this year’s WL Expo will have a strong international focus and further consolidate Hangzhou as a reference leisure destination in the world.