Recently, WLO has been greeted with the exciting announcement that the 17th World Leisure Congress has been selected as one of the proposals to be included within the UNWTO Programme of Work 2022.

Every year a great number of outstanding projects wish to be part of this process, and from WLO we are very proud that UNWTO has considered that our Congress, to be held in 2022 in Dunedin, New Zealand, is worth to have the opportunity to contribute.

These last years, it has been our major responsibility to put all possible efforts to find sustainable solutions in the short, medium, and long term, and to adapt our programmes and projects to the current challenges towards a sustainable development and a global recovery of leisure and tourism, since these activities are integrally related to some extent and, consequently, the leisure field has an impact in tourism.

On this occasion, the 17th World Leisure Congress will be celebrated from December 12th to 16th 2022 and will be co-hosted by the World Leisure Center of Excellence University of Otago. It will offer a unique opportunity to put leisure and tourism in the global agenda and its inclusion as a priority in national and international policies towards a sustainable recovery.

Also, in the framework of the Congress, aiming to reach a wider range of audiences and to foster social transformation, two side educational events will be organized: WL International Field School and WL Study Tour.

As an UNWTO Affiliate Member (AM), WLO was invited to present this project at the 43rd Affiliate Members Plenary Session, held on November 30th in Madrid, Spain. Representing the organization, WLO COO, Dr. Cristina Ortega, attended to this session that was celebrated in the framework of the 24th UNWTO General Assembly for the first time this year.