17th. World Leisure Congress 2022

Dunedin, New Zealand


12th.-16th. December 2022

Hosted by the University of Otago

Thematic Areas of the Congress

Abstract submission

"Leisure: Lear well, live well" encompasses a range of meaning relevant to Dunedin, New Zealand, and the rest of the world.

"Learn well" reflects how we learn through leisure and the strong education focus in Dunedin, which is home to one of the world's leading universities.

"Live well" reflects how leisure contributes to individual and community well-being at local, regional and international levels. The leisure industry plays a crucial and avolving role in this well-being.

Together, these components speak to the relevance and application of academic leisure theory and research to the practice of living well.

Delegates will have many opportunities to learn from stakeholders about initiatives related to all aspects of leisure.

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