For the past ten years, the Peace Village Hostel has specialised in welcoming young people from across the world. Visitors enjoy a personal and tailored visit to the former World War One frontline from the hostel. In 2015, some 20.000 youngsters from the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and New Zealand stayed at the Peace Village.

The Peace Village Hostel provides more than just a bed and board, the educational department focusses on the former battlefields of the Great War. The landscape, the final eye witness of the conflict, is still scattered with relics of the distant past. Hundreds of cemeteries have become the final resting place for soldiers from both sides with monuments, mine craters and memorials which remind us of the horror of the Great War. The Peace Village wants to assist (young) visitors in their discovery of the local area and in an interactive way transfer that experience into a lesson for life which resonates today.