Dr. Roger Coles is a Canadian, a Professor and the Interim Vice Provost for Community Engagement at Central Michigan University, where he spent 45 years as an educator, Department Chair of the 2nd largest Parks, Recreation & Leisure Services Program in the US. Professor Coles spent 7 years as the University Dean of Graduate Studies. Just two weeks ago, he retired from that institution to go back right where his career started: working at a community college. He has been very active with Michigan Special Olympics and founded the Winter Sp Ol games. He has spent his entire career in service having served as President of the Society of Park & Recreation Educators, American Leisure Academy, American Association for Leisure & Recreation, Michigan Parks & Recreation Association and the only two-time Chair of the Council on Accreditation. He currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for the World Leisure Organization, representing six continents. Professor Coles delivered over 100 presentations, and wrote over 50 articles, two books and 3 booklets. He has spoken in 20 international countries. He received a $5 million dollar grant from the US Dept of Education.