Associate Professor of the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently vice-chair of the World Leisure Organization, President of the Brazilian Association for Leisure Studies and Leader of the Interdisciplinary Group of Leisure Studies/University of Sao Paulo, he holds a Masters Degree in Physical Education from the State University of Campinas – UNICAMP (1997), a PhD in Tourism and Leisure from the University of Sao Paulo – USP (2003), a Postdoctorate in Leisure Studies from Griffith University, Australia (2004) and a Habilitation in Leisure Studies from the University of Sao Paulo – USP (2008). Dr. Uvinha is the author of several articles and books in his country focused on Leisure. He is strongly committed to projects that focus on the development of Leisure Studies in Brazil, mostly in the Sao Paulo region. He has attended academic and professional meetings in more than 50 countries. Further details about professional experience; research fields; research projects; member of editorial board; scientific journal referee; areas of expertise; awards and titles; scientific, technological, artistic and cultural production; book published/organized; articles in newspapers/magazines; complete works published in proceedings of conferences; summary published in proceedings of conferences; papers/posters presented; participation in examination and judging commission’s boards; academic advisory and other relevant information can be found at: