Prof. Dr. Ling Ping is a Professor and PHD tutor of the School of Physical Education and Health at Hangzhou Normal University, the People’s Republic of China. His Ph.D. was completed at the University of Zhejiang. He was selected as a member of the World Leisure Board of Directors in Oct. of 2006 and was selected as an executive committee member of the World Leisure in March of 2011. Prof. Dr. Ling have contributed a great deal for promoting leisure, especially in leisure research, leisure sport management, leisure physical education as well as in the field of leisure physical activity and leisure sport in China. He helped to organize many kinds of leisure activities and programs such as 2006 Hangzhou World Leisure Congress, 2007China culture diversity and leisure International Forum, 2008 China Leisure Economy International Forum. Dr. Ling was invited to serve as one of two distinguished members of a Panel in evidence based Consensus Symposium on the topic of Leisure and the Quality of Life: Impacts upon Social, Economic, and Cultural Development. He was responsible for the first stage of the WL International Leisure Constraints Research Project in China with Professors Garry Chick and Prof. Godbey at Penn State. He has given numerous presentations in China and has published more than 130 research papers in different kind of journal on Leisure sports, sports management as well as sports sociology. He visited Germany 5 times since 1991 and had 3 years experiences study and research in Kiel University and also visited US more than 5 times and more than 20 countries in the world. He had great experiences in responsible for national social research projects and got some distinguished awards from national education administration and national sports bureau. He joined the team of formal Chair Mr.Derek Casey and Prof. Chris and attended a lot of negotiation meeting with Hangzhou Municipal Government and Qingdao Municipal Government as well as Chengdu Municipal Government.

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