Dr. Mark Havitz is Professor and Chair of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo. His research interests involve the study of leisure and consumer behaviour in recreational, sport, and touristic contexts; as well as management issues in public sector and not-for-profit sector delivery systems which provide special challenges related to social and environmental issues, equity, and marginalized populations. Specifically, his major areas of concentration have been related to ego involvement with leisure activities, loyalty and commitment to service providers and settings, leisure and unemployment, physical activity participation over the lifespan, and meanings of family vacations. Dr. Havitz is author of two books, numerous book chapters and over seventy scholarly manuscripts. He has served as editor of Leisure/ loisir: The Journal of the Canadian Association for Leisure Studies, associate editor with the Journal of Leisure Research and as co-chair of the NRPA Leisure ResearchSymposium. He is a fellow in the Academy of Leisure Sciences, a member of the CanadianAssociation of Leisure Studies, the National Recreation and Park Association, and NorthAmerican Society for Sport History. His serious leisure interests include community volunteering, running, cycling, and researching family history.