Dr. Jeong Myung Gim is Professor of School of Physical Education & Leisure Studies at Myong Ji Univerity and Director of Korea Somatics Institute promoting the integrative approach to mind and body. He is currently Dean of  College of Arts and Physical Education at the University. He was School Director of PELS, Director of University Dormitary, Dean of Student Affairs at Myong Ji University. He graduated from University Seoul National and got Master Degree in Sport Management and Ph.D. in Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport at theOhio State University. Dr. Gim was a Research Head of Korea Institute for Youth Development (National Agency). He published research monographs, books, and articles in various journal and periodicals including World Leisure Journal. He was an adjunct faculty and visiting scholar of Somatics Counseling Psychology Dept. of Naropa University in Colorado, Boulder. He was a visiting scholar of the School of Educational Policy and Leadership of the OSU and quite recentlyDeptof Park, Recreation, Tourism Management at Clemson University. He was an Advisory Committee Member of Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and a Board Member of Presidential Youth Council in Korea. He was Chair of Editorial Committee and Board Member of the Korean Society of JungSin(Mind-Body)Science. He is also Board Member of Independence Hall of Korea, Seoul Catholic Institute for Youth, and Society for Leisure and Culture Studies. Currently he is a Member of Board of Directors, World Leisure Organization and a Senior Fellow of World Leisure Academy.