Dr. Godbey, Professor Emeritus at Penn State University, has authored or co-authored twelve books and approximately one hundred articles dealing with leisure behavior, history and philosophies of leisure, leisure service organizations,aginghealkth and the future of leisure and leisure services. He has been President of SPRE and President of the Academy, and has testified before committees of the US Senate and Presidential commissions. Godbey has won the National Literary Award from NRPA and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from SUNY-Cortland. Dr. Godbey has written for and been featured in a wide variety of mass-circulation magazines and newspapers and has been featured extensively on network television. He is a founder of Venture Publishing, a publisher of scholarly books and textbooks in leisure studies. Godbey has given invited presentations in eighteen countries and several of his books and articles have been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. He has done consulting for a wide range of organizations in many countries. He is currently the Sir Yue-Kong Pao Visiting Professor At the Asia Pacific Center for the Study of Leisure, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China as well as the Pengcheng Scholar, Shenzheng Tourism College, Jinan University, Shenzheng, China.