The Canadian recreation training Programme Diplôme d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur (DAFA) or Group Facilitation Skills Certificate..

The Programme was established in 2009 by seven recreation organisations and is now recognised by all of Quebec’s recreation organisations. The programme is managed by the Quebec Leisure Council/ Conseil québécois du loisir.

Over 22,000 young people have already registered, and nearly 400 municipalities and local organisations work with 800 instructors to deliver DAFA courses.

The training standard is operational in every region of the Quebec province as a way of ensuring quality and safety in group activities.

The DAFA Programme is the result of an unprecedented cooperative effort on the part of Quebec’s recreation organisations, working together to manage the Programme’s development.

The DAFA Programme meets expected standards for quality and safety in the facilitation of group recreation, validates the work of the facilitators, promotes recruitment and retention, and encourages discussion between networks through recognition of the Programme across Quebec and beyond.

Thanks to its decentralised structure and the flexibility, it provides to organisations, training can be adapted to any community’s needs. It was chosen by TIESS as one of a number of innovative experiences that connect municipalities and the social economy.