StreetVelodrome is a UK national initiative, taking the form of pop-up, portable cycling velodrome, which started in 2014 by the cycling enthusiast Carl Thompson, to encourage more people to be active via cycle sport. It is as a result of this motivation that the idea of making this practice more accessible – by creating transportable cycling banks that can locate almost anywhere – arose. To give it purpose, a unique StreetVelodrome sport was created, as part of an exciting ‘event’ which people would want to engage with.

StreetVelodrome is engaged by local authorities (councils) in all parts of the UK and Ireland. A series of competitive races take place at the velodrome, featuring top professional riders as well as amateurs and children. Some events are city-based and many others take place in suburban and semi-rural locations. Since their purpose is specifically to engage with as many and as diverse a range of people as possible, community involvement is key to what StreetVelodrome terms “access events”.