Public Administrator, Business Manager, Specialist in Social Management, studies of Master in Political, Economic and International contemporary problems and participant in the International Planning and Strategic Management Program at Louisiana State University and the University of New Orleans.

Co-Founder and President since 1988 of the Colombian Leisure and Recreation Foundation – FUNLIBRE as well as FUNLIBRE Mexico and Costa Rica, both formed latter as Latin American Recreation and Leisure Foundations. He led the formulation and played the technical management of the first Colombian National Recreation Plan 1999-2002 and advised both the formulation of National Plans 2004-2009 and 2013-2019. Also through FUNLIBRE he has participated in the design and operation of national recreation programs.

Moderator of the Latin American Recreation and Leisure Network.

Business consultant in the field of Strategic Planning and Management, which has emphasized building models of social management, where for the last 8 years, since 2008, has served as Executive Director of the Center for Academic Extension of the Faculty of Arts at the National University of Colombia.

International speaker. University professor for more than 25 years. Lately Professor of Recreation Public Policy in the Master of Studies Latin Americans Leisure at IPECAL – CIIO – Funlibre and Ad-honorem Special Teacher at the National University of Colombia.

Author of numerous articles on recreation and leisure and coauthor of the books “Fundamentals of Recreation,” “Recreation Tools and Techniques” and “Design and Evaluation of Recreation Programs” and author of “Recreation: General legal framework”

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