About World Leisure Expo & Forum

The World Leisure Expo & Forum is a biennial event taking place in the city of  tHangzhou, The WL Expo & Forum is a major exhibition showcasing some of the most innovative businesses in the leisure sector at different levels. Parallel to the WL Expo we encounter different satellite events dedicated to diverse audience and interests like the World Leisure Forum, the WLCE Leisure Experience Research Opportunity and the World Leisure International Innovation Prize Award Ceremony.

About the city

Hangzhou is the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang Province in East China. Hangzhou grew to prominence as the southern terminus of the Grand Canal and has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China for much of the last millennium. The city’s West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site immediately west of the city, is among its best-known attractions.

In September 2015, Hangzhou was awarded the 2022 Asian Games.

World Leisure Forum

The World Leisure Forum becomes the academic and practitioners knowledge sharing gathering satellite event to the World Leisure Expo & Forum. Previous editions in 2017 and 2019 have gathered a relevant number of leisure related professional from various leisure related disciplines and from different countries.

*Pictures from 4th World Leisure Forum & Expo at the Hangzhou International Expo Center.

LERO – Leisure Experience Research Opportunity

The WLCE “Leisure Experience Research Opportunity” provides an opportunity for students of the World Leisure Centers of Excellence to participate in an internationally oriented field research project aimed at characterizing tourism and leisure experiences in the host city Hangzhou. In addition, students have the opportunity to join the World Leisure Expo and Forum as delegates.

*Pictures from the 2019 Leisure Experience Research Opportunity.

WL International Innovation Prize

The World Leisure International Innovation Prize seeks to recognize organizations that have implemented creative solutions which foster local, national or international leisure opportunities for the benefit and development of individuals and communities.

The World Leisure International Innovation Prize is presented biennially at the World Leisure Expo and Forum.

*Pictures from 2019 World Leisure International Innovation Prize winner and highly commended.

World Leisure Festival