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Commission on Volunteerism

Link Leisure and Volunteerism Bibliography

This is a link to the Bibliography of the Serious Leisure Perspective website. Click here for a list of publications and theses bearing on leisure and volunteering as related to the serious leisure perspective. Works on volunteering as leisure not related to this Perspective are omitted from this bibliography. Instead they will be listed here on the VolComm page.


Purpose, Goals and Objectives


Research on volunteering as a major form of leisure activity

The dissemination of the knowledge generated by such research, and

The development of an expanding role of volunteerism as leisure and in leisure programs and services.

An important assumption in this mandate, which springs from the leisure perspective, is that volunteering, among things, is primarily a creative, society-building activity. However, it loses this quality when it becomes merely a money-saving strategy imposed upon an altruistic citizenry by either the public or the private sector.


To encourage and facilitate research world-wide, on all aspects of volunteering related to leisure.

To disseminate to the applied sector throughout the world relevant research findings in this area.

To apprise leisure policy makers of the significance of volunteerism as both means and ends.


Current members of World Leisure may indicate their interest in Volunteerism by e-mailing the World Leisure Secretariat at [email protected]. Former members and other non-members may join World Leisure and indicate their interest in Volunteerism on the Web site at worldleisure.org. Members of World Leisure may become active in Volunteerism by contacting the André Thibault at [email protected]


André Thibault
Quebec Observatory on Leisure (Canada)
[email protected]

We Foster Inquiry

Research and scholarship to discover the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences.

We Engage in Informed Advocacy

By advocating for conditions optimizing leisure experiences: legislation, infastructure, leadership and programming.