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Commission on Leisure Management

The Leisure Management Commission was formed in 1986 and active for many years. Recently the Commission was re-activated in the fall of 2012. A goal is to provide an international forum for exchange of information related to the management of leisure organizations, including parks, recreation, sports, fitness, trails, tourism, conservation, culture, facilities, and related programs.



The Leisure Management Commission shall seek to:

1.1         Collect, exchange and disseminate the latest information on the purpose, methods, costs and effectiveness of management policies, techniques and approaches in leisure by newsletters, conferences, and publications;

1.2         Maintain a worldwide network of leisure managers in public, private and voluntary organizations working in leisure;

1.3         Organize conferences, workshops and seminars, especially to help managers and organizations in countries where leisure services are newly evolving;

1.4         Undertake any tasks requested of it by the World Leisure Organization.

2013 Management Commission Work Program

·       Update the text regarding the Commission for the WLO website at www.worldleisure.org.

·       Create an updated email listing of the WL Members who have expressed an interest in the Commission.

·       Reactivate the Commission by finding out who is interested and will be active in participating in the commissions' activities.

·       Announce the re-activation of the Commission, and create a 1,000 word description for the inclusion in the World Leisure Journal. The article can reference mission, goals, objectives, Congress activates, and/or future plans

·       Determine the main work program item(s) for the Commission over the next two years. The "Who Does What Best" framework is the primary initiative for current discussion.

·       Initiate the Commission's input to the 2014 World Leisure Congress in Mobile Bay, Alabama.


Membership and Participation

Currently the Commission communicates by email and newsletters.  Current members of the World Leisure Organization may indicate their interest in the Leisure Management Commission by e-mailing the World Leisure Secretariat at secretariat@worldleisure.org. Former members and other non-members may joining the World Leisure Organization and indicate their interest in the Management Commission on the website at www.worldleisure.org. Members of the World Leisure Organization may become active in the Management Commission or garner information by contacting the Chair, Teresa L. Penbrooke, MAOM, CPRE at TeresaP@GreenPlayllc.com.

Commission members also often participate in a separate unofficial non-World Leisure online management forum through the international
LinkedIn Exchange Group for Sport, Leisure, and Culture, web address: http://linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid358288.


We Foster Inquiry

Research and scholarship to discover the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences.

We Engage in Informed Advocacy

By advocating for conditions optimizing leisure experiences: legislation, infastructure, leadership and programming.