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Commission on Leisure Management

The Leisure Management Commission (LMC) was formed in 1986 and was active for many years.  The Commission was re-activated in the fall of 2012, and continues with goals as outlined at the World Leisure Organization International Congress meetings.  The primary goal for this Commission is to provide an international forum for exchange of information related to the management of leisure organizations, including parks, recreation, sports, fitness, trails, tourism, conservation, culture, facilities, and related programs. 


The Leisure Management Commission shall seek to:

1.1  Collect, exchange, and disseminate the latest information on the purpose, methods, costs, and effectiveness of management policies, techniques and approaches in leisure by newsletters, conferences, and publications;

1.2  Maintain a worldwide network of leisure managers in public, private, and voluntary organizations working in leisure;

1.3  Organize conferences, workshops, and seminars, especially to help managers and organizations in countries where leisure services are newly evoloving;

1.4  Undertake any tasks requested of it by the World Leisure Organization

Leadership Committee for the Leisure Management Commission, 2014 - 2016

•  Teresa Penbrooke, Chair, NCSU, GP RED and GreenPlay, LLC, USA, teresap@greenplayllc.com
•  John Henderson, Maryland National-Capital Park and Planning Commission, USA
•  David Minton, The Leisure Database, UK
•  Dr. John Tower, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
•  Dr. Jo An Zimmerman, Texas State University, USA

Work Plan for 2014 - 2016:

LMC should contribute to WLO for the Program and Organization for Durban, South Africa Congress, 2016
The LMC will prepare a summary of suggestions to submit to the Commission Board of Directors for improvements
Initial ideas:
•  LMC should facilitate two panels at the Congress, including recruitment of panelists
•  At least four LMC members should participate in abstract review - let Teresa know if interested in being a reviewer
•  LMC should participate in recruiting for and moderating Leisure Management topics
•  There should be fewer but quality concurrent topics during each session to build numbers within sessions
•  LMC should have at least one selected Keynote
•  Please send Teresa any additional suggestions

LMC should help with communications, recruitment, and a mid-year convening to create deliverables for the Commission to help with increasing WLO membership and engagement.

LMC should focus on scholarship and research summaries related to management of leisure around the world.  Some ideas include potentially creating a case study summary - "Lessons from the Field"

Need to focus on bridging the gaps between research and practice

Need to reach more "kindred" associates and get them involved

Need to have better communications between Congresses

Membership and Participation

Currently, the Commission communicates by email and newsletters.  Current members of the World Leisure Organization may indicate their interest in the Leisure Management Commission by emailing the World Leisure Secretariat at secretariat@worldleisure.org.  Former members and other non-members may join the World Leisure Organization and indicate their interest in the LMC on the website at www.worldleisure.org.  Members of the World Leisure Organization may become active in the LMC or garner information by contacting the Chair, Teresa L. Penbrooke, MAOM, CPRE at teresap@greenplayllc.com



We Foster Inquiry

Research and scholarship to discover the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences.

We Engage in Informed Advocacy

By advocating for conditions optimizing leisure experiences: legislation, infastructure, leadership and programming.