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Commission on Leisure Education

Purpose, Goals and Objectives

The purpose and goals of the World Leisure Commission on Education are to develop leisure education resources, programs and strategies through international exchange and cooperation to improve leisure functioning of individuals and groups within our society. Together, leisure education scholars, practitioners, organizations, teachers, students, participants and interested parties of WLCLE from around the world can share research, practice, theory and experience. 

What our Commission means by leisure education:
We are not necessarily talking about the academic context of professional preparation for work within the leisure field but rather we are concerned with the ways and means through which individuals and groups acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that inform and determine their leisure functioning. 

Leadership Axis and HUB
We aspire to be a leadership axis for international leisure education as well as a force that builds collaboration to: advocate for leisure education, conduct research and evaluation studies, and address implementation issues across a variety of settings and populations.


  ·     To promote awareness of the significance of leisure and recreation. To exchange approaches on leisure
        learning and education.
  ·     To provide forums for discussion of global issues in all aspects of leisure education in the schools and in
        community settings.
  ·     To support the leisure education of specific groups (youth, incarcerated, women, retirees, etc.) so as to enhance their
        access to healthy leisure functioning and lifestyles.
  ·     To promote and foster quality research in leisure education.
  ·     To disseminate information on leisure education.
  ·     To foster the development of international, regional and national policies and programs on leisure education.
  ·     To promote and offer technical, educational and consultative services in leisure education to public and
        private organizations and institutions.
  ·     To support training of personnel in the various areas of leisure education.

Commission Initiatives:

Online Resource Hub
The WLCLE steering committee is working on creating an online Leisure Education Resource Hub, collecting submissions to make available to all stakeholders.

Topics of types of submissions/resources we are looking for:

    ·      Leisure Education Blog where key issues are identified, discussed, and debated (let us know if you are
           interested in submitting blog posts as a one time contributor or ongoing). Blog submissions will be forwarded
           to Dr. Charlene Shannon

    ·      What is meant by Leisure Education and related concepts?

    ·      Historical/Theoretical Perspectives on leisure education

    ·      Cultural perspectives on leisure education

    ·      Syllabi for Leisure Education programs and initiatives

    ·      Program materials in support of leisure education initiatives  

    ·      Books, Curricula, Implementation guides Position Papers (WLCLE)

    ·      Contexts in which leisure education occurs (family, school, community- based, prison, etc)

    ·      Policies in support of the inclusion of leisure education initiatives

    ·      Evidence-Based Research on the impacts of leisure education

    ·      Promoting Best Practices in leisure education

    ·      Evaluation/Assessment Instruments

    ·      Advocacy initiatives in support of leisure education

    ·      Other

Submissions can be in the form of electronic documents or URL links to abstracts, journal articles, presentation papers, curricula, program materials, leisure education assessment instruments, reflections, and other materials. Please also send Leisure Education related bibliographies.

How to submit:

Email Alison Link, World Leisure Commission on Leisure Education, Chair at alisonlink@gmail.com. Include a designation of submission type for each submission (see list of types of submissions above). Please use the Subject Line: Leisure Education Resource Hub.

Visit the Leisure Education Resources Hub Here>>

See you at the Congress!

Come to these Leisure Education Commission sponsored events and other Leisure Education track presentations at the 2014 Mobile Bay World Leisure Congress being held September 7-12, 2014 in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

Tuesday- Session 5
AP10C: Planning Session for the World Leisure Commission on Leisure Education

Tuesday- Session 6
ABS097: HIllel Ruskin Memorial Scholar Lecture on Leisure Education by Adreiana Ester Estrada- González


Current members of the World Leisure Organization may indicate their interest in the World Leisure Commission on Education by e-mailing the World Leisure Secretariat at secretariat@worldleisure.org.  Former members and other non-members may join the World Leisure Organization and indicate their interest in the World Leisure Commission on Education through the World Leisure Organization website.

Members of the World Leisure Organization may become active in the World Leisure Commission on Education by contacting Commission Chair Alison Link at Alisonlink@gmail.com.

You can also join the the World Leisure Commission on Leisure Education LinkedIn Here >>

Commission Chair

Alison J. Link, Ph.D

We Foster Inquiry

Research and scholarship to discover the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences.

We Engage in Informed Advocacy

By advocating for conditions optimizing leisure experiences: legislation, infastructure, leadership and programming.