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Commission on Children & Youth

Long-time World Leisure members Ishwar Modi (India) and José Machado Pais (Portugal) made the initial suggestions for a Commission in 1998. Their encouragement led to a call for proposals in an issue of the 1999 World Leisure Newsletter and Dr. E. William (Bill) Niepoth submitted a proposal later that year. The WL Board accepted the proposal and established a Working Group on Children and Youth in 2000. This working group held its first meeting at the Bilbao Congress in 2000. Attendees selected the Chair Dr. Niepoth and a Secretary (Linda Caldwell). Three years later, the group established an Executive Committee comprised of people representing various professional interests and five world regions. In 2005, the Board moved the Working Group to Commission status. Among other efforts, Dr. Niepoth represented the CCY/WLO on a 12-member Working Group for the International Play Association’s request to strengthen states’ accountability for providing play, recreation and leisure opportunities through the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Dr. Niepoth’s vision, hard work, and complete dedication for improving the lives of children and youth throughout the world through leisure was and continues to be an inspiration to many of us.

The overall purpose of the World Leisure Commission on Children and Youth is to enhance the leisure experiences of children and youth worldwide by working for their right to have equitable access to leisure. This purpose will be pursued through the following objectives:

• Support and encourage relevant research.
• Identify and catalog important data related to children and youth.
• Facilitate dissemination of research findings and other useful data.
• Develop networks and partnerships with other international organizations.
• Advocate on behalf of families and local communities who seek to nurture children through leisure.
• Serve as a resource for other organizations or entities.
• Provide a context where experts may share their knowledge and support each other.
• In general, serve as a voice for leisure in those situations where the wellbeing of children is in question.

During 2014 CCY has partnered with the Leisure Information Network (LIN). LIN is a Canadian non-profit organization that was developed in 1995 to support online exchange of knowledge in recreation, parks and healthy living. This partnership enables us to more efficiently share resources and information, network with researchers and practitioners, and offer occasional blogs about things of relevance to our mission and goals. We will continue building on that database as a means to promote research and advocate for children and youth worldwide. http://lin.ca/world-leisure-commission-children-and-youth

Advocate for rigorous research that provides evidence of the outcomes of what we do while at the same time helping everyone develop some type of assessment tool they can use to understand the effectiveness of their programs or identify what elements may need changing. We also need to advocate for providers to use evidence-based programs as these become increasingly available.

Chair: Linda Caldwell
Email: [email protected]
801 Ford Building
Penn State University
University Park, PA, 16802 - USA

We Foster Inquiry

Research and scholarship to discover the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences.

We Engage in Informed Advocacy

By advocating for conditions optimizing leisure experiences: legislation, infastructure, leadership and programming.