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The World Leisure Commissions act as scientific panels on specific themes and, as such, represent much of the Association's on-going programming and as such are expected to make major contributions to its three main objectives: research, information dissemination, and advocacy. They provide a context and a medium for persons of like interest to act collectively at the world level. As a commission stature rises, it activities become regarded as the international sine qua non of its mandated subject matter. Commission membership is open to any World Leisure member in good standing (annual membership fees paid). Detailed information on specific commissions can be obtained by visiting their pages below. Interested persons can contact André Thibault, Program Manager.

Current members of World Leisure Orgnization may indicate their interest in a commission by e-mailing the World Leisure Secretariat at secretariat@worldleisure.org

Commission Contacts

Program Manager of the World Leisure Commissions:
André Thibault, Quebec Observatory on Leisure, Canada
E-mail: andre.thibault@uqtr.ca

Access and Inclusion
Jerome Singleton, Dalhousie University, Canada
E-mail: jerome.singleton@dal.ca

Children and Youth
Linda Cadwell, Pennsylvania State University, USA
E-mail: lindac@psu.edu

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Terry Robertson, California State University, USA
E-mail: terry.robertson@csulb.edu
Kiboum Kim, Winston-Salem State University, USA
E-mail: kimk@wssu.edu

Law and Policy
Marc-Andre Lavigne, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada
E-mail: Marc-Andre.Lavigne@uqtr.ca

Leisure Education
Alison Link, USA
E-mail: alison@theleisurelinkconsulting.com

Leisure in Later Life
Laura Payne, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
E-mail: lpayne@illinois.edu

Leisure Management
Teresa Penbrooke, GreenPlay LLC, USA
Email: TeresaP@GreenPlayllc.com

Leisure Research
Raymond Hibbins, Griffith University, Australia
E-mail: R.Hibbins@griffith.edu.au

Tourism and the Environment
Kevin Hannam, Leeds Beckett University, UK
E-mail: K.M.Hannam@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

United Nations
Abubakarr Jalloh, USA
E-mail: jalloh711@gmail.com

Women and Gender
Heather Gibson, University of Florida, USA
E-mail: hgibson@hhp.ufl.edu

We Foster Inquiry

Research and scholarship to discover the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences.

We Engage in Informed Advocacy

By advocating for conditions optimizing leisure experiences: legislation, infastructure, leadership and programming.