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Affiliated Organizations

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO/OMT)

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO/OMT) is a specialized agency of the United Nations and the leading international organization in the field of tourism. It serves as a global forum for tourism policy issues and a practical source of tourism know-how.

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International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)

The main purpose of the Council is to serve as an international "umbrella" organisation concerned with the promotion and dissemination of results and findings in the field of sport science and their practical application in cultural and educational contexts.

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The International Bureau of Social Tourism (BITS)

The International Bureau of Social Tourism is an international non-profit association, whose aim is to promote access to tourism for all, and more particularly for low-income population groups.

With its worldwide network of members, the BITS is nowadays considered the true world organization of social tourism.

BITS members include associations, trade unions, cooperatives, private organizations, as well as public authorities in charge of tourism.

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Conference of the Youth and Sports Ministers of French-speaking Countries (CONFEJES)

The vital mission of the CONFEGES is to sensitize countries, resources and energies in view of creating dialogue in order to promote sustainable development, participation and the involvement of young people within the society. The CONFEGES also aims at favouring and promoting the establishment of environments conducive to youth participation, social, economic and professional integration in the French-speaking world.

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American Leisure Academy (ALA)

The American Leisure Academy serves as a forum for the promotion of advancement of the quality of life of Americans through creative and meaningful leisure and recreation experiences. The ALA carries out its activities by promoting opportunities for its membership to discuss issues, provide support, and share information on matters impacting on leisure and the leisure and recreation profession.

We Foster Inquiry

Research and scholarship to discover the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences.

We Engage in Informed Advocacy

By advocating for conditions optimizing leisure experiences: legislation, infastructure, leadership and programming.